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A Killer Service (Short Film- Drama)

Elliott is just a woman trying to make a living any way she can. She comes to find out she is responsible for paying off a debt to a crime boss her Con Artist Father had. After picking up more work to cover her new debt a slew of sleazy men are making her gigs increasingly difficult and downright dangerous. Elliott finally discovers a way to take back control of her life. Together with her best friend, Addison, Elliott goes out to make a bloody difference in the world. “Dexter” meets “Thoroughbreds”

Chateau Laurier- Season 2 (Short Film- Drama)

In the small town Grundarfjörður, Logi an autistic man wants to try to get out of his comfort zone while he struggles with social anxiety. He invites the café’s new waitress to a concert. But before the date, he’s not sure if it’s better to be himself or play what society wants him to be.

HedgeHog (Short Film- Drama)

As the war starts in Ukraine, six years old Nina is sent to her grandma’s remote village. In the shack outside, Nina discovers a badly wounded Russian soldier.

Just Leave (Short Film- Drama)

Samantha is a woman in her forties with two beautiful kids. She is married to Jamal who has shown her nothing but pain.
Samantha is mentally and physically abused by Jamal on daily basis, friends urged Samantha to leave Jamal but the fear of leaving and not being able to take care of the children keeps her back.

Independence (Short Film- Drama)

A young man is faced with overcoming his anxiety and stress about his first day of living on his own and discovering what it means to be independent.



Potted Flowers (Short Film- Drama)

On a walk home from a therapy session Viktor starts to question his sanity. He locks his front door to his apartment and as he’s watching TV alone in his living room his anxiety begins to spiral until he for the moment is saved by a text message from a dear friend.

Ruby (Short Film- Drama)

RUBY is a 17-year-old girl who has left home to live with an older man. Enigmatic Frank is on a spiritual quest, rejecting society to live freely – an alluring prospect for a restless young girl looking for adventure.

When Frank’s thin façade of enlightenment starts to crumble Ruby finds herself deep in the woods far from anywhere. Hope and excitement turn into confusion and fear as subtle coercion begins to undermine Ruby’s hold on reality.

With the sand shifting beneath her feet only one thing is certain – this will become a defining moment in her life.

Ruby Trailer


Slim Chances (Short Film- Drama)

The Begin Influencer (Short Film- Drama)

In the near future, after the occurrence of a catastrophic event, social networks change in an unexpected way.


Walls Beneath Our Feet (Short Film- Drama)

Circus short film Inspired by the Pasila Street Art District in Helsinki exploring urban life from unexpected angles. Collaboration between contemporary circus group Race Horse Company, music producer RRKK and the Helsinki Urban Art.