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Creators Film Festival 2022 Winner of the Animation Category

Isolated from most other life, save for one plant, Nyomi still lives happily within her home. She cherishes and cares for this plant, the livlic tree, through the means of a magical orb. Though it might seem mundane, Nyomi takes delight in growing the fruit of her little tree each day. That is, she did, until she broke her magical orb, losing both its magic and the apparent sole way of growing her tree. With the plant’s health quickly deteriorating, Nyomi must rush to revive it, trying anything and everything. These are the methods she is quick to try – and to fail with.

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Documentary Winner

Hi, my name is Arden. I am currently a 12-year-old living in San Diego, California. Some of my goals in this documentary are to show the viewers the homeless problems in San Diego. I live in San Diego, and I often see the homeless when I drive around downtown. During this documentary, I have incorporated interviews of people that have been homeless and people that are working to help stop the homeless issue in San Diego. This documentary explains how hard it actually is to be homeless. I hope this documentary opens your eyes to what it is like to be homeless and how homeless people can’t just “get a job.” Hearing all these stories has changed the way I think of homelessness, and I hope it changes the way you think too. Anyone gave a second chance is given an opportunity; a way to move forward -Arden Pala

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Music Video Winner

Devan Sakaria is currently a high school student in New Jersey. He has had a passion for film his entire life and is looking to pursue a career in the film industry. While mostly working on product and advertising content, he has recently ventured into the world of narrative filmmaking and hopes to hone his skills in this new genre of filmmaking. Gavin Yang is a musician and high school student with Devan Sakaria, and he is starting to get his foot in the door of filmmaking. This music video was the first project he directed and produced.

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Short Film-Comedy Winner

As boredom sets in, 80 year old Carol successfully goes snooping for adventure and watches with delight, as her three daughters navigate the repercussions of her actions.

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Short Film-Drama Winner

After botching a job for the most ruthless crime boss in NYC, two women must play a game of modified Russian Roulette to survive. #CreatorsFilmFestival #CFF

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Short Film-Fashion Film Winner

Fashion film for AP Milan first collection SPRING/SUMMER 2021

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Short Film-Made in Western Mass Winner

Two Eggs, Scrambled- A woman picks up a man without housing in a snowstorm. Over the course of several meetings at the same diner, they find a connection with each other that changes both of their lives forever.

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Student Film Winner

Safija Azzam attends a writers’ workshop hosted by Richard Monroe who pressures her into exploiting her refugee status for a book deal.

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Creators Film Festival 2022 Trailer- Winner

Set in 1714 and based on true events: One stormy afternoon Elizabeth, the beautiful red haired squires daughter rides out to escape a marriage proposal she knows is coming and dreads.Meanwhile the Sultan of Morocco, immensely rich and powerful seeks new pleasures to add to his harem and tasks his Barbary pirates to find him a red haired girl.

They attack the southern coast of England ready to take young strong men to build the sultan’s palace and a choice of girls for him. With his son and daughter lost that night the squire seeks to form a new patrol called The Nightriders to protect the devastation caused by the Barbary Pirates and a fleet to set sail to rescue his son and daughter and all the others. His pleas for financial help from King George I fall on deaf ears. Set against the black and white slave trade, witches, Barbary pirates, intrigue and love.

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