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15 (Best Movie Poster)

When a 15 year old girl discovers she is pregnant in a state where abortion is illegal, hard decisions have to be made.

Full Throttle (Best Movie Poster)

A young man gets into a gleaming Porsche and rushes at breakneck speed through the streets of Toulouse.

Joints (Best Movie Poster)

Three high school teenage stoners find themselves entangled in unforeseen consequences.

Nowhere (Best Movie Poster)

“Nobody” is born and immediately becomes involved in a mysterious deal with the devil to discover his identity.

Owning Sids (Best Movie Poster)

6 families tell their personal experiences with losing a child to SIDS. They shared what happened and their outlook on what changes the they would like to see moving forward. Experts also share their thoughts and expertise on preventions.

Reagan (Best Movie Poster)

Ben proposes to his wonderful fiancee, Maggie, but things get complicated when he tries to reconnect with his estranged sister, Reagan, to invite her to the wedding. Growing pains, holding on, and letting go are the name of the game in this short drama.

Snowflake (Best Movie Poster)

After being told she was ordinary, a woman risks everything to create the person she always wanted to be with social media.

Star Crossed (Best Movie Poster)

While mourning the loss of her family, a woman battling her inner demons wins the Mega Millions.

Subtle Perfection (Best Movie Poster)

Questioned by her scientist boyfriend, a brilliant young woman begins to realize that her life may not be exactly what she thinks it is…

Crisis Squad (Best Trailer)

The Crisis Squad is a group of ladies who have joined together to help domestic violence victims. They have their own way of dealing with the victimizer.

The Astral Woods (Best Trailer)

A wife is forced into a life insurance scam and abandoned at a cabin in the woods. She soon learns the land holds an ancient secret that is not from this world.