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Ghosted (Best Actress)

After yet another break up, struggling actress MERCY just wants to find a rebound guy to help her move on. Until she meets American Architect BLAKE, who is everything that she has ever wanted in a man. The question is does her want her too?

Ghosted Trailer

The Chase (Best Actress)

Completely traumatized by a car accident few months ago when she lost her adorable husband. Doctors found her with no sense of fear anymore during few unsuccessful rehabilitation sessions. Vulnerable and at risk of life treating actions; she is struggling but the constant chase is on and we all are being chased likewise.

Beluga (Best Director)

In a mesmerizing exploration of India, a grieving man haunted by the loss of his father sets out to honor his memory by retracing his footsteps from Mumbai to Kathmandu with an extraordinary companion, a goat named Beluga.

PW- shantibeluga

The Dark Girl (Best Director)

After 10 years in an orphanage, young Laura grows up with the wealthy Faun family and years later becomes a bestselling author. She continues to live in her parents’ house in a small town, because she likes the idyllic life very much. But when suddenly her neighbors are murdered and she is also suspected in the investigation, her life changes abruptly. Suddenly she feels persecuted everywhere and then a murder happens at her masked ball.

The residents blame her for the murders. Soon Laura herself doesn’t know what to believe in and when the third murder strikes, all of which have similarities to the murders in her book, she becomes afraid that her written words will become bitter reality. Then, out of nowhere, her best friend from the orphanage shows up. Laura has done things in the past for which she believes she will be punished. Her only chance to stop the series of murders is to stay one step ahead of her book.

The Dark Girl Trailer

Gila Island (Best Director)

Gila Island” is an enthralling technothriller movie that marks the directorial debut of a talented newcomer, making it an excellent submission for international film awards. The film boasts a compelling and fresh cast, adding to its innovative and captivating appeal.

Since its release, “Gila Island” has garnered substantial attention, attracting audiences to theaters worldwide. The movie has received exceptional ratings on platforms like IMDB and Book My Show, further solidifying its reputation as a critically acclaimed film.

One of the standout qualities of “Gila Island” is its thought-provoking message that resonates deeply with viewers across cultures. Explore the theme of society’s growing reliance on technology and gadgets, often neglecting significant real-life relationships. This profound message encourages audiences to reflect on their own connections in the digital age.

Audience reviews have praised “Gila Island” for its effective delivery of its message. Viewers appreciate the film’s ability to shed light on the potentially adverse effects of excessive gadget usage, while emphasizing the significance of fostering genuine human connections in our lives.

Overall, “Gila Island” is a remarkable technothriller movie that showcases the talents of a promising director and an exceptional cast. Its high ratings on platforms like IMDB and Book My Show, coupled with its positive audience reception, demonstrate its ability to captivate and engage viewers of all backgrounds. By addressing the theme of society’s detachment from real relationships due to gadget dependency, “Gila Island” encourages audiences worldwide to reevaluate their priorities and strive for a healthier balance between the digital and real worlds.

Gila Island Trailer

PW- Gila15thfeb

Anund Payl “Marine Manasian” (Best Director)

Man and woman don’t communicate. They could meet each other with love only in his dream. But that’s not enough.

Anund Payl “Marine Manasian” Film

‘SHINJIKKI’ The Mermaid Who Predict The Future (Best Director)

In 329 AD, Eugene was a naval officer but exiled to the island and became the captain of a fishing boat, who shares a fateful love with the mermaid Shinjikki, who predict the future and they will save the villagers together from the mermaid hunter in this fantasy romance drama.

Somewhere over that Rainbow (Best Director)

Coming out is hard, and no one said that once you’re out, life gets any easier. Somewhere over that Rainbow follows the journey of six young people searching for acceptance and freedom.

Can these teens prove that no matter who you are, if the thing you want to change is worth changing, then you’ve already got that power?

From Dhoom films and Lights in the Darkness inc. comes “the kind of cheesy, heartwarming story I wish I had when I was 15.

Somewhere over that Rainbow Trailer

Giuli- It was a Dream (Best Director)

“Giuli – It Was A Dream” is a drama, musical biopic, short film, inspired by the true story of Giuli Chokheli, the most famous female Georgian Jazz singer in her time, sometimes referred to as the Georgian Ella Fitzgerald.

In this movie Giuli Chokheli plays herself at the age of 87.

LOGLINE: Forgotten by all, an elderly jazz singer lives through the fragments of her past.

SYNOPSIS: This short film is about the current life of jazz singer Giuli Chokheli, who is the main character. Already from the beginning the viewer notices that Giuli is in financial difficulties after she can’t even afford to pay the full taxi ride and grabs a cocktail from a stranger’s table as she passes by in the jazz club. In the next few scenes, Giuli gets into a conflict with the young jazz singer Anna because she sings her song, but she doesn’t even know that Giuli herself is sitting in the audience. The central conflict is resolved at the end of the film, when Anna gives Giuli the recognition she deserves.

The focus of the film is Giuli’s loneliness and how society has forgotten about her. A statue that only exists in Giuli’s head and accompanies her acts as a symbol of her solitude.

Giuli- It was a Dream Trailer