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RE:Acting (Short Film- Comedy)

Karl, an aspiring actor, only gets casting calls for roles he can’t play – bad guys. His friend and
drug-dealer Josef has an idea: Bring Karl to a drug deal to give him the experience he lacks.

They pick up a run-down car with a drug-filled trunk and head towards the drop-off. On the way, Josef maneuvers his way out of a car breakdown and an arrest, but is powerless when it turns out the trunk has flown open and the drugs are gone.

Using their criminal creativity, Josef and Karl dye painkillers blue to play them off as ecstasy. Karl is forced into the role of his life and pulls it off, until the drug-dealers call their bluff. Luckily, the cops are on their tail and a last-minute police intervention saves them.

At the interrogation, Karl once again musters his survival-driven acting abilities, and acts his way out of it.

Ghost Lights (Short Film- Horror)

Deep into a run of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, the lead actor confronts a figure of his overheated imagination – a protective theater ghost and a flock of her followers. But is it his imagination, or a sinister curtain call?


 Not Quite Done? (Short Film- Mockumentary)

A mockumentary about world class architect and sculptor, Richard Jay Bertman. Incredibly, this somewhat over-produced, semi-authorized, factually accurate tongue-in-cheek recap of his life is in color!

Wither With Her (Short Film- Mockumentary)

Wither with her is an experimental short film, revolving around a couple, Ivan and Kayla, who are heroin addicts who have overdosed and died. The film follows them through their final days, blurring the lines between documentary and classic narrative, to create something uniquely surreal.