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Modern Warfare Basement Dweller Customer (Best Short Film- Animation)

The modern warfare basement dweller customer comes into the shop.

A Father Turned Hero (Best Short Film- Animation)

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This animation short is a story describing how a man saved cows at the brink of death. Set in Thailand and based on a true story, this animation depicts events on why and how he went about saving the cows.

The Toad in the Hole (Best Short Film- Animation)

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A breakfast loving grandpa cooks his favorite food of “toad in the hole” when to his surprise, it comes to life and sings a catchy tune!

LVCI (Best Short Film- Fashion Film)

A woman wanders the desert in search of a connection to her spiritual self and is transported to a darker realm where she makes contact with another side of herself.


Walking through the Bardo (Best Short Film- Fashion Film)

The original intention of creating Aphrodite comes from the idiom holding the pillar at the end in DAOZHI in Nan-hua chen-ching, which is the oldest love tragedy in Chinese records. Human life and death and love have always been a topic of constant debate between the East and the West. The whole work captures the emotional aesthetic interest in the oriental classical narrative, and on the basis of following the oriental naturalism, returns to the oriental aesthetics with the expression form of the new era, focusing on contemporary youth The emotional myths further explain the modern characteristics of oriental narratives, and respond to the imagination and expectations of the world audience on oriental narratives. Reconstructing classical love stories in a contemporary context, exploring the universal value of human beings, and excavating traditional oriental cultural resources symbolically. This art form seeks truth through infinite changes, and produces aesthetic pleasure and creative innovation., is the artist’s challenge to social phenomena, and also the artist’s response to social problems.

(Best Short Film- Fashion Film)