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Disabled Artist Showcase (Best Documentary)

We examine the work of four disabled musical and film artists living with Cerebral Palsy and SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) who are helping to lead the movement that is advocating for inclusion of more disabled artists in the music, film and entertainment industries. Their extraordinary talents are showcased for all to see.

Their advocacy work for disability inclusion leads them on a difficult path demanding more access for disabled creators. They use their creative gifts to make their statements and to move their work forward.

We showcase their talents and messages in this film produced and directed by disabled filmmaker Emmitt H Thrower.

Disabled Artist Showcase 

Robert Shields Actor & Artist (Best Documentary)

Documentary: Robert Shields along with Lorene Yarnell made up the acting duo of “Shields and Yarnell”. They worked primarily in the 1970s and 1980s and were known world-wide for Dancing, Mime, Physical Comedy, Television Performances, and Stage Presentations.

Robert was the developer of the Entertainment Art called “The Robot”.

In their careers, Shields and Yarnell won multiple awards including an Emmy and were twice “Entertainers of the Year” in Las Vegas. This 25 minute documentary captures the experience, challenges and accomplishments that Robert made as an entertainer and artist. The video utilizes archival footage and still photos from Robert’s archival memorabilia. Robert talks candidly and emotionally about his past experiences in Show Business including some direct references to many of the prominent people (Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Carson, and more) that he and Lorene worked with while in during their careers. The documentary is a combination of his first person stories, archival footage, and ends as Robert talks about his life today in Arizona as an artist.